Bridgit Connell

Born in Chicago, Bridgit Connell's early years were spent in Illinois and Indiana before her family decided to settle in North Carolina. 

She has always had a passion for art. In elementary school she won awards for stories made with crayons, and in high school she skipped both Art 1 and Art 2 and advanced into the AP Art classes. She went to Governors School of North Carolina West for Art the summer of her Junior year.

She attended University of North Carolina in Charlotte and graduated with a BFA in Illustration. She's been scribbling away since, on comic books, trading cards, storyboards, band posters, fantasy novel and audiobook covers, tattoo designs, event stationery, convention commissions and even a mural or two!


-”Drinks & Daggers” artist, colorist.
Card game created and published by Carmic Industries. July 2019.

- “Houndsbane” creator, artist.
2018-2019 self-published sketchbook.

-”Doctor Who” cover artist.
Issue #1 in 2018 by Titan Comics.

-”Dollman vs. the Full Moon Universe #1” artist of the short “Dollman vs. Head of the Family”.
Written by Brockton McKinney. Published by Full Moon Comix.

-”Draw Out the Vote” writer, artist for North Carolina.
Online comic concept by Robin Herrera. Published by Oni Press.

- "Brother Nash" creator, writer, artist, colorist.
Three giant-issue miniseries published in 2018 by Titan Comics.

- "The Dragon Apocalypse Series" cover artist.
Series written by James Maxey.

- Marvel sketch card artist for Upper Deck.

- Marvel sketch card artist for Rittenhouse.

- "Killer Queen Anthology" artist of the short "Fahrenheit Falling".
Written by Brockton McKinney. Published by Red Stylo Media.

- "African American Hero Anthology" artist of "Nia Griggs".
Written and published by Carlton Hargro.

- "Death Curse Volume 1" artist of the short "Pack 666".
Written by Brockton McKinney. Published by Lost Story Studios.